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Mississippi Invests Over $22 Million in High-Value Training Programs This Fiscal Year


JACKSON, MS — Over the past twelve months, the state of Mississippi has aggressively invested in high-demand, high-wage training programs to better meet the industry needs of today and provide more good pathways for Mississippians to find higher-paying careers.  This investment, made possible through the continued support and investment of executive and legislative leadership and an overhaul of the state’s Workforce Enhancement Training (WET) fund program will result in an increase in annual training capacity of over 5,000 individuals across five priority training sectors.

In partnership with Mississippi’s 15 community colleges, K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning, AccelerateMS worked to target programs aligned with training deficiencies across Mississippi’s eight distinct ecosystems that meet the needs of business and industry with quality opportunities for individuals.

New workforce programs have been developed in areas such as advanced manufacturing and fiber splicing for broadband roll-out. Existing capacity in programs such as nursing, diesel technology, CDL, and utility linework have all been increased to meet the growing and immediate market demand.

“Enhancing the human capital infrastructure in Mississippi is vital to our ability to prepare workers for the increasingly complex jobs available to them,” said Dr. Courtney Taylor, Deputy Director for Postsecondary Strategy. “Over the last year, we have been fortunate to support numerous quality programs with our partners throughout the state who are doing the heavy lifting of preparing Mississippians for better careers.”

College or InstitutionSpecial ProjectAllocation
MGCCCLineworker/Telecom Tower Tech$1,721,104.00
MCC/ECCCUtility & Underground Lineworker$1,395,149.84
Jones CollegeLineworker$369,721.10
PRCCUAS/Uncrewed Systems$220,081.33
USMUncrewed Systems$980,398.00
College or InstitutionSpecial ProjectAllocation
PRCCHealthcare Diagnostic$671,275.00
Jones CollegeHealthcare Expansion/Enhancement$232,690.33
Jones CollegeHealth Science Program Expansion/Enhancement$399,990.00
EMCCA.D.N. Program$55,475.00
MDCCDelta Hygiene$261,678.00
NWCCNursing/Healthcare/Cardio Tech$847,500.00
EMCCSurgical Technology$92,225.00
NEMCCA.D.N. Program$478,900.00
MDCCRadiology/X-Ray Tech$30,000.00
College or InstitutionSpecial ProjectAllocation
MDCCFiber Construction$479,195.72
Co-LinFibert Splicer Training$338,002.90
HindsMCity Workforce Center$925,391.50
NEMCCFiber Optic Technician$445,229.90
Jones CollegeBroadband Networking and FiberOptics$178,801.09
MGCCCInda Bay Spring Water$14,050.00
Advanced Manufacturing
College or InstitutionSpecial ProjectAllocation
HolmesWelding/Advanced Manufacturing$753,000.00
NEMCCProduction Technician$225,939.73
PRCCAdvanced Manufacturing$1,111,723.02
ECCCDefense Test Technician$234,862.77
EMCCEquipment Training$10,000.00
CoahomaFoundations of Mechatronics$213,000.00
Co-LinIndustrial Welding$346,000.00
HolmesPrecision Machining and Tool Die Training$44,058.00
ICCWorkforce Trainers$171,920.94
MDCCViking Range/Vendor Training$4,000.00
NEMCCNEMCC Workforce Industry 4.0$634,454.65
NWCCManufacturing Specialist Trainer$54,964.50
SWCCWelding Equipment$143,911.87
NEMCCNEMCC Workforce Trainers$33,006.95
Jones CollegeAdvanced Manufacturing Project – Modification$247,536.76
HindsContinental Tire Project$1,144,714.50
MDCCAgricultural Aerial Applicator$342,008.75
SWCCIndustrial Maintenance$36,244.46
NWCCAutomation & Control$892,810.00
MGCCCVendor Training – Enviva$12,453.00
MGCCCVendor Training-Inda Bay Spring Water$10,827.00
MeridianProject MFG$15,700.00
EMCCAdvanced Composites Training for MAC Academy$1,530,900.00
Co-LinProcess Control Systems for Automation & Control$168,648.11
NEMCCAdvanced Welding$346,210.44
NEMCCElectronics Technician$49,627.08
MSUAdvanced Composites$998,777.57
PRCCAdvanced Manufacturing$170,381.52
MSUCavs i4.0 Accelerator$1,294,341.00
Tish CountySkill Path Labs$690,000.00
MGCCCMicroelectromechanical Systems$1,150,000.00
NWCCIndustrial Electronics Engineering$3,595,670.00
Logistics & Construction
College or InstitutionSpecial ProjectAllocation
MGCCCHeavy Equipment Maintenance$637,701.00
NEMCCCDL, Transportation, Heavy Equipment Operations$933,521.80
NWCCDiesel Technology Academy$997,200.00
SWCCDiesel Preventative Maintenance/Technician$639,397.00
Jones CollegeTransportation Academy$621,275.31
HindsDiesel Equipment Tech (Night)$558,890.44
ECCCDiesel Technology Program$556,115.00
MGCCCCDL University (Online)$6,897.50
CoahomaCommercial Truck Driving$844,105.00
Co-LinCDL Expansion Simpson and Wesson$480,000.00
ECCCCollision Repair Technology$395,974.30
ICCFL Crane$93,000.00
CoahomaDiesel Maintenance Technology$513,901.00
NEMCCAutomotive Technology$171,441.27
Co-LinConstruction Equipment Operations$270,544.46
HindsLogistics/Supply Chain Training$310,857.50
Madison SchoolsTransportation$63,000.00
ICCCommercial Truck Driving$1,250,000.00
USMSupply Chain Certificate$102,276.48
ICCDiesel Program$268,000.00